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Come And Join In The Music

Open the door and imagine the years of pleasure that playing an instrument can bring to your life. The rich tones of the violin, the tinkle of the piano key or guitar jamming with friends. We are here to bring those dreams to life. Let this be your home for music lessons in Vancouver. We also host music concerts and workshops. Last year we had the world renowned Irish fiddle player Martin Hayes present a fiddle lesson on bowing technique and styles.

We too are opening our doors and adding more choices, classical violin lessons, piano lessons and clarinet lessons.

Young or old(er) it’s always a time to learn.

“ There are no strangers here only friends you have not met yet” — W.B. Yeats

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Wall mural art by Mehlinda Heart, Harp Teacher

Learn To Play An Instrument You Love

Would you like to learn to play an instrument you love? What a question! It’s like what is your favourite ice cream? The beauty of music is that each instrument speaks to us in very different ways.

Explore Your Voice

Connect to your deeper self.  Connect to others. Increase self-confidence and emotional well-being. The benefits of singing lessons and vocal coaching are numerous and yet many of us, for one reason or another deprive ourselves of this natural and easily accessible personal resource.


Open Door Music Events

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My son has been taking fiddle lessons with at your music school for five years. The dedication, warmth, support, flexibility and family atmosphere of the school have all contributed to his continuing interest and involvement. The sheer joy and passion toward music demonstrated by the teachers is an inspiration to the students, who are given lots of opportunities to perform in parades, concerts, festivals, and public events…making the music relevant and alive.

Lynn Sackville

I enjoy my fiddle sessions very much – the teaching style is relaxed, supportive, positive and encouraging – I appreciate the time at home to play the tunes – I am glad this is part of my life. Thank you

Gary Tennant – Acting Dean, Child, Family and Community Studies, Douglas College

With Lynn, every lesson is alive and graciously open to whatever human experience is needed to free the voice. With compassion and aware listening, Lynn’s coaching inspires us to sing and celebrate our voices, to be ourselves and to express with honesty and humility. Her teaching can not be learned in books or on the internet, her innate talent comes only in her presence, as an intuitive, compassionate, and wise soul who understands the love of singing and how that love is in us all. Lynn is the real thing. I recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Steve Rokosh
 – Composer, Singer Songwriter

A Love Story

It was a dark and stormy night when I arrived at the doorstep heart in hand. This was the night that I first met my first fiddle teacher who was kind and very patient. My first fiddle crush. I fell hard.

Almost a decade later I still come here – knowing that I have found true love in the music I play and the community I play with.

Michael and Lynn I thank you for this.

Tomi Eng

Thank you so much for creating and holding such a space for us to flourish in. I always wanted to play the Irish tunes and you have made that happen.


I have music back in my life thanks to Celtic Traditions.

Thank you, Thank you.


Michael / Lynn you are both an important part of local and traditional culture.

Thank you