One of the wonderful things about the guitar is the amazing ways it has been adapted by many wonderful musicians.

I  think of Django Reinhardt with only two good fingers who  created a whole jazz style on guitar, Andres Segovia and  John Williams playing Bach on classical guitar, John Reborn and Dennis Cahill’s beautiful Celtic guitar accompaniment and of course  Eric Clapton of Cream bending those strings to wail and reach our most primal emotions.

Learn your favourite songs to play with family and friends. Choose your style; we would love to lead you there.

Our Guitar Teachers

Michael Viens guitar teacher

Michael Viens

Michael Viens has taught guitar lessons in Vancouver at Celtic Traditions School of Music, now re imagined as the Open Door Music School for the past 15 years. Michael is an all round musician who plays Guitar, Bodhran, Harmonica and has a great ear for harmonies perfected as a member of the acapella group The Melloyds. Michael brings this wealth of experience to each of his lessons to tailor each guitar lesson to the style and ability of his student.

Michael is a stalwart member of the local Celtic music scene since joining the local Celtic band Blackthorn in 1995. With Blackthorn, he has recorded four CDs and performed at Concerts, Celtic Festivals, Scottish Highland Games and Irish and Scottish Ceilidhs throughout the Pacific Northwest. He has appeared as a guest artist with the North Shore Celtic Ensemble, Vancouver Youth Choir, Laudate Singers and Capilano University Choir.

Michael Available times
Tuesday  online lessons only
Wednesday 3:30 pm 1/2 hour All other time slots are fully booked
Thursday All times slots are fully booked


Matthew Young

Open Door Music is pleased to welcome Matt Young to our instructor staff adding a contemporary yet traditional element to our music program. Matt is a multi-instrumentalist and performer who has been playing for the last 13 years focusing on Piano and Guitar. Matt is also music producer and audio engineer centered around electronic music production through Ableton Live 10.

Matt was the musical director and session pianist tasked to compose and perform musical accompaniment for guest speakers at UBC for incoming students.

Matt Available times
Tuesday afternoons 3:30pm 1/2 hour 4:00pm 1/2 hour all other time slots fully booked
Wednesday afternoons 3:30pm 1/2 hour 4:00pm 1/2 hour 5:00 pm 1/2 hour all other time slots fully booked

Leon Feldman piano teacher

Leon Feldman 

Leon Feldman is a musician, composer, arranger, and producer and has taught piano, guitar, vocals, theory and music production for the last 11 years. Leon graduated from the Contemporary Instrumental Music Program at the V.C.C. School of Music, majoring in ‘Jazz and Contemporary Guitar’ and minoring in ‘Vocal Studies’. Receiving the “Fred Bass Scholarship Award” in the 3rd semester for the “most talented all round performer”.

Leon also interned with world renowned film composer, James Newton Howard at his studio, ‘JNH Studios’ interned at world renowned film composer, Hanz Zimmer’s studio, ‘Remote Control Productions’

Leon has been instrumental in the creation/release of 5 albums with different projects, having diverse musical skills as a guitarist, vocalist, piano player, bassist, drummer, composer, audio engineer, producer & arranger enjoying all of these rolls.  Leon has completed electronic music production elective courses at VCC with producer credits on many albums.

Leon Feldman
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Graig Robertson guitar teacher

Graig Robertson

Graig Robertson teaches guitar lessons in Vancouver at the Open Door Music School and is a master guitar and saxophone player.

Graig’s  extensive list of credits include: composer, audio director, producer, sound designer, music editor, sound editor, voice director, voice actor, script writer and session musician (guitar/saxophone). His work can be heard in a variety of acoustic and electronic styles for concert, radio, film and multi-million selling video games.

Graig  has also project managed large game audio teams as well as 2+ years applying these skills in working as a producer / project manager for a multi-disciplined IOS development team.

Graig has a BMusic Composition, U.B.C. School of Music
-Third Year Jazz Studies / Composition, Capilano University
-Diploma Jazz Saxophone Performance, V.C.C. School of Music Associate Certificate in Applied Software Development, B.C.I.T. and brings all this wealth of experience and knowledge to his guitar lessons.

Graig Robertson lessons online
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