The simple penny whistle goes back a long way with early bone whistles dating back 50,000 years– whew!

Do you want to work on a simple melody going through your head? Just pull it out of your pocket and away you go, inexpensive and easy to carry.

Many famous Celtic bands like The Chieftains, Celtic Woman and Celtic Thunder include the penny whistle in their arrangements.

Our Whistle Teacher

Mike Brown piano teacher, clarinet teacher, whistle teacher

Mike Brown

Mike Brown weaves his Whistle and Clarinet Lessons around the idea that music should be enjoyable and goals should determine where the lessons lead, whether it’s to play for fun and perform for friends, to enter a competition, or to form a group and play in public!

Mike likes to explore the sound the instrument produces. Technique, sheet music reading, style, ear training, theory, history, improvisation, all play their part; whether the student tackles them individually or they are weaved into a well rounded musical experience.

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