From Rachmaninoff to Ragtime, the piano shows its wonderful versatility.

The keyboard has such a basic layout that you can explore and play while you get a feel for the structure of music. From Adele to Coldplay the sound of the piano provides a base for melody and rhythm underpinning many of our favourite songs and melodies.

Our Piano Teachers

Mike Brown piano teacher, clarinet teacher, whistle teacher

Mike Brown 

Mike studied classical piano with Ronald Moir of “Duo Noblesse Oblige”, harpsichord with Doreen Oke, and jazz piano with Jillian Lebeck. He holds a Grade 10 Certificate in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music Toronto.

Mike Brown is a full-time freelance musician specializing in classica, world and new music. He holds a M. Ed from UBC and a M.Mus. from the City University of New York where he studied with Charles Neidich.

Mike Brown Available times
Tuesday 3:30 pm / ½ hour only
All other slots booked

Leon Feldman piano teacher

Leon Feldman 

Leon Feldman is a musician, composer, arranger, and producer and has taught piano, guitar, vocals, theory and music production for the last 11 years. Leon graduated from the Contemporary Instrumental Music Program at the V.C.C. School of Music, majoring in ‘Jazz and Contemporary Guitar’ and minoring in ‘Vocal Studies’. Receiving the “Fred Bass Scholarship Award” in the 3rd semester for the “most talented all round performer”.

Leon also interned with world renowned film composer, James Newton Howard at his studio, ‘JNH Studios’ interned at world renowned film composer, Hanz Zimmer’s studio, ‘Remote Control Productions’

Leon has been instrumental in the creation/release of 5 albums with different projects, having diverse musical skills as a guitarist, vocalist, piano player, bassist, drummer, composer, audio engineer, producer & arranger enjoying all of these rolls.  Leon has completed electronic music production elective courses at VCC with producer credits on many albums.

Leon Feldman Available times
Thursday afternoons at this time from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Time can be booked in 30 min. 45 min. or 60 min.
All other time slots booked


Janelle Miller

Open Door Music is pleased to welcome Janelle Miller to our instructor staff. Janelle received a music diploma from Selkirk College in 2013 and is in the final stages of completing a music therapy degree at Capilano University. We believe that Janelle’s training in music therapy will offer a thorough appreciation and understanding of the benefits of the experience of music making.

Janelle has a background foundation in classical and a comprehensive understanding of music theory and switched to jazz in the last few years.

Janelle Available times
Wednesday afternoons at this time from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm